November 09, 2015

Lost in Geeklandia - E. J. Russell

Entangled Publishing, September 28, 2015.

Two Stars

The vivid cover and clever description drew me into requesting this book, but the contents just didn’t measure up for me. It is a story about computer engineer Charlie, who has coded an algorithm for love. Her own program tells her that Daniel, her former friend turned enemy, is the one for her. Meanwhile, Daniel is highly suspicious of dating, but Charlie seems irresistible.

It seems like it should be a cute, geeky love story, but the geeky part overshadowed the rest. The plot is constantly interrupted with techno-jargon and geekery – some of it is fun, but a lot is just annoying. I found the story hard to get into; overall it was convoluted and gimmicky. The premise starts out sweet but becomes too cutesy, and everything is resolved too easily. For instance, Charlie thinks that Daniel hurt her in the past, but he doesn’t even realize he’s her nemesis – then suddenly, everything is fine between them.

Maybe I was expecting too much, for a story like this to be more complex than it is. If you like your romance simple and sweet, then this story is fine, I just prefer a few more surprises and less of a formula. I also felt like the geekiness was trying too hard. The characters had their funny moments, but I just found it hard to believe the connection between the main characters. Still a fun story.

I received this novel from Netgalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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